Mission, Vision, and Belief Statements » Mission, Vision, and Belief Statements

Mission, Vision, and Belief Statements


The mission of Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools is to inspire excellence, instill integrity, and foster innovative thinking for lifelong learning.  


Vision Statement

Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools will offer a learning community designed to meet the diverse needs of our students through responsive program design, implementation, assessment, review, and revision. We will keep continuous improvement and reflection on our programming and district processes in the forefront of our decision-making cycle process and will be focused on our endeavors toward excellence for our students and community.


Belief Statements

Student success is our primary focus.

Building community, parent and student partnerships.

A culture of progressive and forward thinking.

Quality experiences that begin at the door and are continuous for all individuals.

Valuing and nurturing a highly motivated staff who ensure student success.

Leadership experiences of all our students to empower them with the skills and confidence to make their own future.

Resourceful, civic-minded students that develop into adults who value and contribute to society.

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