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The Mt. Morris Board of Education

Jim Rauschenberger, President
Occupation:Consultant, McDonald's USA
Elected to the Board: 2008
Term Ends: 2024
Board Awards:Master Diamond Award, Level 5 Certification
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Pam Sprague, Vice President
Occupation:Supervisor, Middlebrooks Enterprises
Elected to Board:       (2005-2009) 2010
Term Ends:  2026
Board Awards:  Master Diamond Award, Level 5 Certification 
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John Schafsnitz, Treasurer
Occupation: Retired
Elected to Board: 1992
Term Ends: 2024
Board Awards: President's Award of Recognition, Level 7 Certification
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Amie Lovelady, Secretary 
Occupation:   Homemaker
Elected to Board:  2012
Term Ends: 2022

Board Awards: Award of Distinction, Level 3 Certification
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Warren Tracey, Trustee
Occupation: Account Manager, Michigan Company
Elected to Board: 2007
Term Ends: 2022
Board Awards Master Diamond Award, Level 5 Certification
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Donielle Quinn, Trustee 
Elected to Board:  2020
Term Ends: 2026
Board Awards:
Tanya Christie, Trustee
Occupation: General Manager
Elected to Board:   2021 (Appointed)
Term Ends: 2022
Board Awards: 
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